Core Competencies

Verification & Validation (V&V) and Commercial Dedication Verification and Validation, Test Plans, etc.
Requirements Tracking, COTS Evaluation
System Requirements Reviews, Design Reviews
Factory & Site Test Plans and Procedures
System Integration Multi-Source Data Integration
Data Links with External Systems (PLCs, SCADA, etc.)
Technical Evaluations and Obsolescence Reviews: System/Software Bid Specifications
System Life Extension, Upgrades, Porting, etc
HFE Review and CRDR Review Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Reviews and Plans
Control Room Design Review (NUREG-0700)
Policies, Programs, and Procedures Cyber Security (10 CFR 73.54, NEI 08-09 & RG 5.71)
Configuration Control, System Administration
Backup and Recovery, System Lifecycle Planning
Software and System Specification System / Hardware Requirements, Software Requirements
V&V Requirements, V&V Plan
HFE Requirements, HFE Guidelines
Software Customization Algorithm / Logic Modification and Development
Human System Interface Development
Modification / Addition of Graphic Displays
Software and System Troubleshooting 



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