Expertise and Tools

Commercial Nuclear Power

System / Software Requirements Development and Reviews

Plant Procedure Development / Modifications / Review

Digital System Evaluation - Criteria Development, Evaluation, Recommendations 

Cyber Security Policies, Programs, Plant Procedures, and Defensive Strategy Development

Cyber Security Evaluations - 10 CFR 73.54, NEI 08-09 & RG 5.71 (CISSP Certified Staff)

Human Factors Engineering Review - NUREG-0711 / NUREG-0700 

Control Room Design Review (CRDR) - NUREG-0700

Process Monitoring, Tech Spec Compliance Automation and Testing

Plant Process Computer and Emergency Response Facility Data Systems 

Radiation Monitoring


Physical Security Monitoring Systems


Emergency Notification Siren Systems

Pulp and Paper

Production Item Control / Tracking

SQL / Relational Database

External Data Links (PLC / Network / Serial)

Quality Data Capture and Import

Opacity Monitoring

Fossil Power

Plant Process Computer System / SCADA

Continuous Effluent Monitoring / Reporting


Modbus / Modicon

Allen Bradley PLCs


Digest - Siemens

Leading Edge Flowmeter (LEFM) - Caldon

Teleperm TXP / XU - Siemens 

Plant Process Computer

RTP Data Acquisition

Reactor Vessel Level Indication System (RVLIS) - Combustion Engineering

Radiation Monitoring Data Acquisition System

Development Tools

Windows (Various) 

Languages - C, C++, Fortran 

IFIX / FIX - Intellution (GE FANUC)

OSI  PI - including Powerbook, Excel, etc.

Power Builder

Ingres RDB


Legacy Systems
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